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  • Hi, how can i edit my blog’s themes?
    I went to Presentation –> Theme Editor, then i tried to change the codes, but there is no ‘save’ button??
    After i change the code, and it is not saving. So how to edit the code actually?

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  • Is it a selfhosted WordPress Blog? Or is it a blog by

    You’d be better of editing your themes offline on your computer in a plain text editor.
    The online thing doesn’t have an “Undo” button!

    To be able to edit online you have to make the theme files (template files) writable for the server (=chmod 666) which will leave your installation wide open for hackers…

    It is a selfhosted WP blog.
    So how can i edit it offline?
    Even if i’ve edited it, and paste all the codes, i couldnt save it, and if i click on any buttons, the codes will be back into default, ie. before edited.

    “offline” means:
    – download the file to your computervia ftp (although you SHOULD have already)
    – make a backup copy, just in case you screw it up
    – edit the file in a plain text editor like Notepad
    – save it
    – upload it via ftp to the server
    …and forget for good that online theme editor.

    Oh, i see now.
    So it means that it is not that easy to insert ads into our posts huh.

    Everything is easy if you know what you are doing…
    Now inserting/putting anything in the post (=content) is different than editing the template files.

    I’ve tried to edit it offline just now. I guess i know how it works now. So do you know how to edit it codes online? Because it is kinda irritating to do it offline, i need to download the file, edit it then upload again, which is different with Blogger.
    I’m a Blogger user, just switched to WP yesterday.

    Well, this is not blooger. This is WP. Learn it if you want to use it.

    And I gave you the answer, you just have to read it.

    Yea I know. But i cannot find any ‘save’ button under Themes Editor. So how to save it after I’ve changed the code?

    No, you don’t know because you didn’t read carefully this!

    uh huh, which means that there is no choice but to do all this offline.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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