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    How do we edit the “Thank you” aka “Order Received” page? There are several changes I’d like to make, including removing the “Order again” button, adding additional recommended products and changing the “Thank you…” text.

    Where do I go to add and remove things?

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  • Some themes provide their own thank-you page. If yours doesn’t, the thank you page is at:

    Its probably not a good idea to edit this file if there are other ways, because your customisations will be overwritten by WooCommerce updates.

    A better strategy is to create a child theme and create your own functions.php file with your changes implemented using hooks.

    Changing text can be done by ensuring you have specified a language in wp-conifg.php and editing the appropriate language file.



    Ahh, I kept reading that they had options for the page in settings, and I was pulling my hair out. Apparently that was an older version?

    I’ll just have to make my own page then. Thanks Lorro!

    Hi – I’m just not trying to figure out this whole hook thing. Could you include the code for this? I edited the wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/checkout/thankyou.php file with the text i want but it did not change the thank you text at check out. Additional suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Its not a good idea to edit thankyou.php, because your changes will be overwritten by WooCommerce updates.

    – if you want to change the order of the elements on the page you would use a template override
    – if you want to make one of the elements on the page do something different to what it normally does, you would use a hook
    – if you want to change the data, you would use a filter
    – if you want to change some text on the page, you would change the translation

    Do you have a language set in wp-config.php? For example, my site uses English, so my wp-config.wp has this line:

    define('WPLANG', 'en_GB');

    To change some words to others you could try using the localisation plugin to translate (change) the standard words into something else.

    Thank you for the tips, lorro. The language was still set to the default in wp-config.php. I didn’t think editing this string would be so complicated that it would require a plugin but after a week of searching and various attempts, I guess that’s what I will have to go for. Thanks again.



    I found some very helpful solutions to safely editing the WooCommerce Endpoint pages here:

    What I wanted to do is add some basic text to comply with PayPal’s Redirect Page URL requirements ( ) to my WooCommerce thankyou.php template, and I used the suggestion under the heading: 1. Custom Templates in the above article.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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