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  • Resolved lyle555


    Hey all!
    Wanted to know how i could edit my nav bar

    For eg.
    Change color or make it look more 3D rather than one solid color?

    Appreciate the help as always

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  • Never-mind i stopped being lazy, started doing research on css (on the net)

    and found it here: nav-bar>{background:#800517

    Thanks anywho 😀

    Theme Author Paul de Wouters


    great! Thanks for trying Spine
    I’d love to see the results of your customization.

    Hey paul,
    My site is
    Have a look

    (now i just need to figure out how to make the nav bar to look more 3d)

    Theme Author Paul de Wouters



    Looking good!

    Some tips:
    If you don’t use the sidebar, you can select the full width template.
    If you want to have the logo line up with the content, you can look at the other support thread which explains how to replace the title with a logo

    To apply CSS3 gradients to the menu, check this out:

    Paul you have literally cut my work into half!

    Thanks alot mate

    Great template by the way

    I got lazy with the logo, but will change it soon

    Sorry to bother you paul
    The website you gave me, once i find a color, where would i place the code, or replace the code?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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