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  • Greetings from Canada! I’d first just like to thank everyone who’s ever put any work into wordpress, I truly value this software!

    My question is this: Is it possible to create a list of posts simply from a list of titles?

    I have a database of a few thousand names (one name per line in a regular .txt file) and would like to turn those names into posts as quickly as possible. (ex. not by typing them in by hand!)

    Does anyone have the slightest idea how I might transfer this list of names to the main SQL file somehow (I have access to it through PHPmyAdmin on Godaddy), which would create posts for each name in the text file I have with no content (the content will be updated and added to later by visitors/me)

    Basically I need to turn this names.txt file…

    Name One
    Name Two
    Name Three etc…


    Blog id=1, with title “Name One”, and slug “name-one”
    Blog id=2, with title “Name Two”, and slug “name-two”
    Blog id=3, with title “Name Three”, and slug “name-three”

    Any and all help is much appreciated! I will be checking back regularily to comment on the situation should anyone have any insightful ideas. Thanks!

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