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  • Hello,

    I am currently helping a friend with their site’s seo and i noticed that on every page and post, that their H1 is labelled as
    <h1 id=”site-title”><span><img src=”” alt=”” /></span></h1>

    When it states “id = site-title”, does that mean that the H1 of each page is their website’s domain, or the page title of the page that they are on, or something different?

    I want to be able to edit what the page title is on each page and post, to really optimise it for Google.

    I have tried looking for plugins that will allow me to edit the H1 tags, but so far no luck.

    Any idea as to how i do that?

    Thanks a million

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    does that mean that the H1 of each page is their website’s domain, or the page title of the page that they are on, or something different?

    None of the above. See

    This is just a CSS id used for styling the H1 tag. What you need is a good SEO plugin like All-in-one SEO or something. You are using WordPress right?

    Thanks, but how can i amend them?

    Yes, it is wordpress. Thanks for the plug in tip, will go and try it now

    I have got SEO ultimate already installed, but can’t see anything obvious on that, is their an H1 only type plug in that can work alongside that one do you know?

    I had a look at the All in one SEO plugin, but nothing seemed to jump out at me as a “H1 title tag” section. any ideas, as to which of these it might relate to…?

    Post Title Format:
    Page Title Format:
    Category Title Format:
    Archive Title Format:
    Tag Title Format:
    Search Title Format:
    Description Format:
    404 Title Format:
    Paged Format:

    Thanks again

    H1 tags do not control page titles that you see at the top of browsers. These are defined by meta information. H1 tags are important to SEO but they won’t change what you see in the browser title. If you are using an SEO plugin, you should be able to add a title and description to each post and page in the edit panel. You should see some boxes below the editor that allow for a page title, keywords, and description. The plugin should also have sitewide settings that you will want to define as well.

    The H1 tag is simply a HTML formatting element, and while it technically does relate to SEO, what you want has nothing to do with the H1 tags. By default, WordPress will use the post/page titles for SEO purposes. If you feel like setting each one individually, get a SEO plugin (I recommend WordPress SEO by Yoast).

    With SEO plugins, you can alter a whole ton of information about each post/page for search engine crawl bots.

    On a side note: if you didn’t know the purpose of a H1 tag and CSS selectors, I would start much smaller than SEO. Head over to
    and start learning the basics!

    Yep, completely get page titles being the top of browser bit.

    I do quite a lot of SEO work, I’m just not very technical in terms of how to implement, what i preach!
    Google pays quite a lot of attention to what is marked up as an H1 tag, (obviously not as much as a page title).

    The difficult for me lies in the that that a lot of my friend’s site is controlled by PHP, and as such, there isn’t a lot of content in the “body” section of the page that I can edit. I therefore wondered if there was a plug in that would allow me to edit that content into being an H1, when i can’t see it within the page or post itself?



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    Google pays quite a lot of attention to what is marked up as an H1 tag, (obviously not as much as a page title).

    I’m confused. In what context wouldn’t an H1 be a page or site title?

    Page Titles can be a few key terms in one place, where as an H1 can be just one (if you want to focus on a really specific term).

    Whenever i do bits at work, the H1 normally only relates to the primary keyword of the page title, whereas the page title itself might have 2 or 3 key terms included in it.



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    In most WordPress themes, the Page (or Post) title is – quite literally – the title given to each Page (or Post) in the Admin area and is usually either enclosed in an H1 or H2 on the front end of the site.

    Is there an easy way to see which text the H1 is currently assigned to? When i look at the page source of their pages, the only reference i get to an H1 tag is in the code that i posted in my original message, ie the <h1 id=”site-title”><span><img src=”” alt=”” /></span></h1>, hence where some of my confusion originates from i imagine?
    I can see their h2 and h3 tags, but there doesn’t seem to be anything for an h1???



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    It’s the title of the site. Ideally that image should have an alt text – which would provide the H1 content for the search engines etc.



    Ok, I realize you are all trying to be helpful, but I am very frustrated, b/c as with d97axa, I am looking for this same answer. I’m not looking for title. For SEO purposes and to make this very simple, the two of us are looking for the ability to have textual H1 headers at the top of each of our respective pages and posts. And to be unique for each of the pages and posts.

    I had a wordpress expert do it for me on a site, but I’d like to learn how to do it. Basically he inserted something so that when I’m at the admin page for adding a page or a post there is a field that says “Header” and I can than add the text I want. When I go to post the page/post the top of the page will have text at the very top what I typed.

    Can anyone help with this?


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