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    Hey all, I have been on it for a while now. I have wp installed on my server, my website is also running on there.
    I want to be able to edit static text without scrolling threw html. I followed every step there is on the subject, but still can’s seem to be able to edit the content. I read the intergrate your website to wp, I tried making my pages templates, but can’t see them in the dropbox. I still can’t see the pages I want to see or edit the text I want to edit, I can only view the site and that’s it. What am I missing/ doing wrong, Many thanks all!!

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  • Can we have a link to your website?

    In the pages editor, click the Visual tab. This should allow you to edit without HTML.

    Hey T.G.timtam, I’m still on local, so I can’t link you to the site.. sorry, but I’ll try the visual tab see where it get’s me… thanx!!

    Hey timtam, can’t seem to find the visual tab, should it be inside the pages tab, or is it visible when I choose a page. In either case I can’t find the visual tab. I’ve got nothing in my pages, only the example page.

    Here’s what I got, I’ve got all my files in the www folder and have WP installed. In my php files I want to be able to edit I’ve got the <?php usetheme: false/require blog-header.php. I can view my site, but how can I get those pages in WP and be able to edit these?

    The Visual Tab is on the page editor itself. On the top right corner of the editing box where your content is there should be two little tabs saying “Visual” & “HTML”. Click visual.

    Yeah I got them, mine sais Wysiwyg & HTML. When I click these I get the example page content, but if within pages I press view site It will go to my site. How can I fix this? How do I get a page I want to edit within pages? I’ve tried making them templates with the template name tag, but the dropbox wil not return them, I’ve tried the usetheme: false tag and the require blog-header.php, but now I’m stuck, I know not what to do :S



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    mine sais Wysiwyg & HTML.

    Um – no. The tabs are HTML and Visual in WordPress.

    Yeah it’s WP alright, but I’ve got the dutch(NL) version, so everything has a different name. But never mind that, tomato’s… It’s wordpress I’m using, but don’t know how to use it for my purposes…yet, with your help I’m confident I’ll get there

    Well, in that case.

    Click the WYSIWYG tab…

    What You See Is What You Get.

    i.e. Visual.



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    No – you’re missing the point. There is no tab labelled “WYSIWYG” in WP 3.4.2 – which suggests that the OP is using something else. We need to know what the “something” is.

    Haha, yeah I’m seeing the hello world page content, visual and html… But when I click the view site button I got to my site, NOT the hello world page.. So I would like to see my wsite content, not the hello world content..

    ok.. I get that, so how do I go by doing that

    Well the What You See Is What You Get is not the main problem, it’s working fine.. Let’s say you have a website, with a static page home.. On that page you have text:blablabla. You install WP on your server. How do you get this page in your WP pages so you can edit the blablabla. Isn’t there a tutorial for that or some kind of guide?

    Or maybe even a plug in that simplifies the proces? I tried immport HTML, but that was not what I expected



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    You cannot edit web pages created outside of WordPress within the WordPress editors.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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