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  • To be specific, I need to change a footer section of a page that has the following code: <ul class="menu social_media">. I need to change the code to <ul class="menu social_media2">.

    But for some reason I can’t find the section where I can edit this HTML code. I have FTP access but I have no idea which folder to check. Where do I look? I have a feeling that I should be looking for the specific template used for the page but I don’t know where to locate the templates either.

    I was used to editing HTML codes right on the spot without using CMS.

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  • First you should remember which theme you are using right now. Next,Log on the server with your ftp and go inside the wp-content > themes folder. Every theme is residing in this folder with its own theme folder such as twentythirteen,twentytwelve etc. Now go inside the theme folder that you are currently using.Look for the footer.php file and open it. I think this is the file you are looking for.

    @rushobangla: I did what you said but the footer.php file doesn’t have the code either. By the way, our site uses widgets and I think this has a lot to do with my confusion.

    To be specific, one widget that contains one “ul class” was used in our site in such a way that it applies to the footer of 2 different pages/templates. It renders the footer correctly on one of the pages but ruins the footer on the other. If I simply change the “ul class” on the widget, it will correct the footer on one page but will ruin the footer on the other, or vice versa.

    Hence, I need to get to that part of our site or WordPress CMS that will enable me to disconnect the widget from one of the two pages/templates, then assign a new one with a different “ul class”.

    Now I realized that my question is actually not my exact problem. Sorry for the confusion.

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