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  • Hello,
    From the demo, I can see in the carousel that there is a Title ‘Product 11’ and some text under it ‘description’. I am trying to do the same but in my carousel it only shows the title – How do I add some text under the title in the carousel? Also How do I change the description inside the ‘blue button’ in the carousel?
    Thank you,
    Zandy Leonard

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    The excerpt carousel uses a TheCartPress function. If you activate TheCartPress plugin you will see the excerpt.
    Anyway I´m going to fix it using default WordPress function when TheCartPress is deactivated. (next version)
    You can hide the button from settings but at thispoint you can edit from backend. “more info” for post/pages. Price for saleables post types.
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    A suggestion: be careful with image sizes for “3 shortcuts”, would be nice if you use the same image proporyions for 3 images

    I have another question that kinda relates; the menu in the demo sits right on top of the carousel. How could I do in mine? My site, it sits on the upper right hand corner. Thanks..
    Zandy Leonard

    I know I’ve been asking a lot of questions but I really just want to copy the demo so here are basically where I am having trouble with:
    1.. How do I get the primary menu to go right above the carousel? On mine, it sits only on the upper right hand corner. It won’t go down to the carousel even when I take the background out.
    2.. In the demo, the carousel has a dark background on the secondary menu – How do I do this?
    3.. Is there a way to make the menu fonts bigger?
    I’d really really appreciate any comments or help. I really like this template but I think I really need help. Thanks in advance…
    Zandy Leonard

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    1- Create an other WordPress menu, then asign it to primary location.
    Appaerance >Menu
    2- Done?
    3- .primary-menu-bs, .secondary-menu-bs {
    font-size: 16px;

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    Derek Allen


    Hi, I’m not a coder. I’ve worked with some code before. I just need to know where to put this code snippet to move the menu above the carousel like in the demo. that will be cool.

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    Could you create a new thread here:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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