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    Hey guys, first off-thanks for the great plugin!

    Here’s my site specs:
    WP: 3.5
    BuddyPress: v 1.7.1
    BuddyPress Registration Options v. 4.0
    BuddyPress User Account Type Pro 1.0.4
    Theme: Custom Community Pro

    Ok, so my site is intended to be a DJ/Turntablist community with two account types available at registration-Fan (as default), and DJ. I am using a paid plugin called BuddyPress User Account Type Pro that is supposed to display the two account types on different pages, i.e., DJs are represented on the DJ page and vise versa with Fans. Where you come in, is I would like Fan registrations to auto-approve if possible as there are no special requirements to register as a Fan other than a legitimate email and profile. If that is not possible or simple, I wouldn’t be butthurt about it as I don’t have many user requests to moderate right now. Having said that, I will hope to figure that piece out to minimize work involved for admins reviewing registration requests. However, to register as a DJ I am requiring some specific information, and need to see that information populate in the “Member Requests” panel of WP-Admin in order to be reviewed, qualified and ultimately-approved or denied. This is mission critical. As I’m sure you’re aware, your plugin only displays some very basic information within the Member Requests panel (Name, Email, IP address, Avatar), and in order for my site concept to work, I need to see all custom XProfile field data displayed. I am not a PHP developer, but I’ve become somewhat savvy with the trial-and-error method of learning PHP and learning as I go here, so I’ve done lots and lots of homework on this, and from the looks of it, it might be as simple as adding a few extra snippets of code to your admin.php file to call the additional custom xprofile field data and echo them in the table displayed in the Member Requests panel. Can you please let me know at your earliest convenience if that is indeed correct, and if you’d be willing to paste up the snippets I need, I’d be greatly appreciative!!

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

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