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  • I am kind of wondering if there is some how I can let people earn points, and how I will set it up to where they can. I am also wondering if I was to get qualified to google adsense if there was a way for me to set it up for every advert that click and do what it says they will get the points? Is that even possible, also goes for youtube videos, if they were to watch youtube videos, can they get points for it, and also how would I set that up because I am very confused right now.

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  • Hi William,

    I guess I can help you out with a few questions.

    When you activate Mycred in you plugins, you get the mycred link in the left sidebar in your backend. There you can set it up as you wish in setting->core Settings. Do it as you wish.

    Afterwards you can activate the “hooks”. There is all the stuff you need how people can earn the currency you chose.

    Google Adsense and points is a “No Go”!! You may not force clicks for adsense! It violates their rules and you get banned when they find out. (I guess there isn’t even a way to implement it, since they are not just links)

    Youtube videos isnt a problem. use this shortcode But make sure you activated the video hook!

    My opinion: Check the website. It has a lot of tutorials and you can checkout the codex.

    Hope i could help!

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