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  • Wei Hong



    I got a designer to build a wordpress website for me in chinese version.

    Now I would like to use the same design and modify it become a english version. Is that possible? This is the current website

    Anyone could share with me what are the steps that I need to go through to settings and configuration? Currently what I already done is copy the whole folders from ftp and change its directory and upload into ftp again.

    So what are the other steps that I need to do?
    I am a begining for wordpress, hope you guys can provide the information in details.


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  • Andrew Bartel


    Hi Global,

    Translating a site is a difficult process. WordPress comes with two excellent translating functions __() and _e() but you may be looking at hiring someone if you’re not comfortable with editing a lot of code directly.

    Wei Hong


    Hi Andrew,

    Thank for you prompt feedback.

    Actually I not looking for any translating functions.
    The backend system that build by the designer is in english. So what I have to do is actually translate the pages and post into english only.

    But what i confuse here is how to connect my website with database and what else I need to modify in order for me to duplicate the website.

    I understand it might be a lot of coding need to be done. Do you mind share more steps or info to me, I will try my best to study it?

    Thank thanks!!



    Hi Global,

    You downloaded all source files from current site and uploaded to new domain where you duplicate is ok now follow below steps.

    1. Login to Current domain control panel, select the database (you will find it under phpmyadmin) import is in sql format.

    2. Login to new domain control panel, create new database using MySQL Databases, create user and password, then go to phpmyadmin, select database and import the SQL file you imported from current domain.

    3. once all database is imported go to table wp_options and edit site_url field, which would be old domain so at new domain change it to new domain name.

    4. once this is done, from new ftp download wp_config.php file and change the database name, user name and password which you set for new domain and upload back.

    5. now you should be able to login to new domain admin and edit whatever you want.

    If you run across any trouble. let me know

    Manoj Soni

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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