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[Resolved] how to download product after buy them ?

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  • Plugin Author elfin


    if you didn’t get an email then the purchase was not completed successfully. please check the wiki:


    I don’t know what to do 🙁

    Here the mail i receive form paypal. Did you see the problem ?

    An instant payment notification was received

    from achat_1361791387_per@piwisgraphics.be on 02/25/2013 at 9:37 PM

    The transaction was not completed successfully. eShop could not validate the order. Please double check all settings in eShop and at paypal to confirm they are both correct.

    mc_gross: 50.00
    protection_eligibility: Ineligible
    item_number1: 0001 : Small – 400 x 400 px – 72 dpi
    payer_id: HJRMGWNU8KX4S
    tax: 0.00
    payment_date: 13:34:34 Feb 25, 2013 PST
    payment_status: Completed
    charset: windows-1252
    mc_shipping: 0.00
    mc_handling: 0.00
    first_name: fred
    mc_fee: 1.95
    notify_version: 3.7
    custom: 5f49b548fe8e2944423a7478227e4f12512bd8c85473c2.29227640
    payer_status: verified
    business: vend_1361791509_biz@piwisgraphics.be
    num_cart_items: 1
    mc_handling1: 0.00
    verify_sign: AFx5nad6iBhMXyCN78b-gEitKiTNA.BHv.Nb7LmMkn14zS3JHuE2fLGc
    payer_email: achat_1361791387_per@piwisgraphics.be
    mc_shipping1: 0.00
    tax1: 0.00
    txn_id: 6R521061HF7063350
    payment_type: instant
    last_name: soetens
    item_name1: Aigle – in qatar
    receiver_email: vend_1361791509_biz@piwisgraphics.be
    quantity1: 1
    receiver_id: SHCECJQVN8LXU
    txn_type: cart
    mc_gross_1: 50.00
    mc_currency: EUR
    residence_country: FR
    test_ipn: 1
    transaction_subject: 5f49b548fe8e2944423a7478227e4f12512bd8c85473c2.29227640
    ipn_track_id: 2e1d74e06d3b0

    Plugin Author elfin


    What was the subject of that email? and have you checked your settings?

    As there has not been an update to this topic for a while, I can only assume that the issue has now been resolved and I am now marking it as such. If this is incorrect, please feel free to change the topic’s status and/or post a follow-up.


    Thank you for your help, but I have not managed to find a solution to my problem, and apparently many people have the same problem with no solution, I went to wp-ecommerce

    Not in our experience, they don’t. In fact, every such ticket that we have ever seen ( and there haven’t been many like this at all) turned out to be an issue with the eShop configuration on the user’s site.

    Actually, I’m experiencing the same issue: no link for download, no email confirmation, no apparent setting to correct problem.

    Please post your own topic.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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