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  • 3.0.0 is total disaster!
    Pages auto refresh till they reach a timeout.

    To get back to 2.6.X version, you should follow the following steps:
    1. On wordpress: DO NOT remove woocommerce plugin from WordPress!, just DISABLE it!
    2. You must save and extract woocommerce 2.6.X on your PC.
    3. On your PC find woocommerce directory where woocommerce.php is.
    4. Login you cPannel on your host website.
    5. Go to File Manager and click the search magnifier icon.
    6. Search for “woocommerce”
    7. Find the directory where woo commerce is at the end of the path XXX/XXX/woocommerce
    8. Establish an FTP connection with your website (I am using FileZilla).
    9. On the local PC, go to woocommerce directory ((as shown in step 3 above)
    10. On your web host site go to the woocommerce directory (as shown in step 7 above).
    11. Both local and web sides on your FTP application should look identical in file structure and directories.
    12. (make sure again your corrent woocommerce plugin on WordPress is disabled, but not removed!
    13. On you web directory of your FTP app, delete all!!! It takes a few minutes to complete, be patient till it ends completely and all is deleted.
    14. On your FTP app, copy the all files and directories to the web direcory you just deleted. Wait till i completes.
    15. Go to your WordPress site and activate the woocommerce plugin.
    16. Now you are working on the previous version

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Viewing 16 replies (of 16 total)
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