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  1. niloofar
    Posted 4 years ago #

    i have a blog based on WP. first i had installed wp v.2.9.1 and every thing was right. after coming v.2.9.2 i had upgrade my wp directly from my back office and haven't backed up my database. after upgrading my theme have some problems and don't truly shown. i have tested many ways and finally find that it refers to WP version. now i want to downgrade my wp to previous version and want to keep all settings of my plugins (i have some plugins like polls and cystate...) if i want to downgrade i must delete my database and install a fresh copy of wp?
    if yes, what can i do for my plugins to maintain with their settings?

  2. If you delete your database, you'll lose all of your content. Downgrading is a very complicated process and it's easy to mess up and destroy everything.

    It would be better to try to fix the problem that you're having with 2.9.2.

  3. niloofar
    Posted 4 years ago #

    thanks but i haven't any acknowledgment to fix wp. actually i have problem in the appearance of my theme. every thing in opera browser is right but in explorer and fire fox not! i don't know what must i do?

  4. Well, a link to your blog would help. We can't even begin to fix what we can't see.

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