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  • I really don’t like at all the 2.8 version so I would like to downgrade to the previous available version, is it easy to do?


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  • Restore your database backup. Restore your WordPress files backup (or get the 2.7.1 from the Download tab at the top of this screen–see the Archives link there).

    Note, restoring your 2.7.1 files may work, but restoring backup of database and files is preferred.

    I will downgrade too, because the AJAXED admin features (changing widgets, add categories, etc) are not working with ANY browser.

    This version of wordpress is not stable, DO NOT UPGRADE!

    Most problems with 2.8 have been a result of plugins, themes, or not enough memory allocated to PHP.

    See 2.8 Problems and Solutions (FAQ).

    I too am thinking of downgrading. I’m not able to use many of the dashboard items. Like when I go to create a new post, I’m not able to add a photo or video. I click “add photo” or “add video” but nothing happens. In fact, that happens with many of the dashboard buttons. I click them, but nothing happens.

    MichaelH: Don’t blame the buggered release on themes and plugins. This is quite simply the worst WordPress release ever and it’s unbelievable that this atrocity was allowed to be released with the issues it has.

    People use themes, what do you expect people to do? Use the default? I think not. Enough with the excuses and prepare a fix.. it’s what we need.

    I tried restoring the files from an earlier backup without modifying the wp-content, so as not to loose my blog entries and the login lands on a screen immediately requesting an upgrade. Is there any way around this?

    Can someone please just tell me how to restore my database and files to accomplish a downgrade?

    @hcnoel – You will want to first backup your current database just in case…see Backing_Up_Your_Database

    Then DROP your current database tables using phpMyAdmin.

    Then review Restoring_Your_Database_From_Backup.

    cmscritic said:

    People use themes, what do you expect people to do? Use the default? I think not. Enough with the excuses and prepare a fix.. it’s what we need.

    I won’t say that this release was perfect, but, on the other hand, do you expect every new WordPress version to be backwards compatible with every theme and plugin? This, in my opinion, is not possible or desirable.

    If people depend on a particular theme or use plugins that are critical to their sites, then people should check before upgrading to a new version of WordPress.

    That said, a lot depends on the themes/plugins too. I don’t know if it’s a matter of code quality or just plain luck, but most themes and plugins I am familiar with work fine with new WP versions, even when they have not been upgraded.

    For example, Sandbox, one of the best themes and the base of many of the best themes, has not been updated for WP 2.7 or WP 2.8, yet it works fine with both.

    hmm. upgraded to 2.8. was a bit buggy. disabled all plugins. dashboard only shows “loading…” but no articles. Theme admin is showing files inside a folder within the theme folder. Side menu items stay open until another menu is chosen, except posts which will not shut. Reinstalled 2.8. cleared cache, logged in again. Cannot choose “default” for permalinks; message says updated but custom is still selected. Using php 5.
    Something isn’t working properly but it doesn’t seem like a plugin is the issue.

    oops, used a different browser and am able to get around in admin again. sorry, skipped over that bit in the tips.

    Also FYI, sometimes a plugin says it’s compatible, but it might not be 100%, only you don’t find that out until everything is upgraded. If a plugin is critical and you aren’t a coder, might be best to wait until other people have confirmed compatibility.

    @cmscritic: I’ve been on the devel branch with 2.8 for ages and I never had problems. People should check their idiotic plugins/themes before talking crap around here.

    Not buggy, move along.

    @znuff: I beg to differ. I had never downloaded WordPress before. I downloaded the current 2.8.4 release, made the alterations to the files, and uploaded. All seemed to install correctly. I was able to successfully login; however, as I began exploring the CMS Dashboard, I noticed several things that were not working properly (And I had not installed any themes, nor activated any plug-ins).

    The problems I encountered were/are:
    – Widgets: The cursor changes to a cross-arrow cursor as if it is going to reposition the widget when I drag it; however, it does not drag with any of them – no matter the browser.
    – I use Windows XP and IE6/7: The Admin Dashboard displays fine.
    – When I use Google Chrome or Windows Firefox: The Admin displays, but looks as if there is no CSS on the page, so all the links are lined up down the left side.
    – It appears I am unable to Edit a post, as the text appears to be white, resulting in the ability to see what I am typing… and the button to change text colors does not respond when clicking it.
    – The “Screen Options” button in the top-right of the Dashboard does not respond at all when clicking it.

    So, not to be too disagreeable: 2.8.4 is way buggy to me, if for no other reason than the Widgets do not work. Very annoying, and very un-useful.

    I’m glad there are previous versions to download. I maintain one client’s site who has the 2.6 version running on it, and it seems stable. (That’s what intrigued me about WordPress). I will try and download that and use it.

    Thanks so much,

    Hey ZNUFF, you say 2.8 it’s not buggy? If you want to see how good this version is, take a look at the monstrous increase in server load after upgrading to 2.8, it’s mind boggling the amount of resources it needs. It’s a dedicated quad-core server, I’m running Wp-SuperCache, Wp-Widget Cache, Op code cache, MySQL query caching, Nginx is the server replacing Apache and look at the 10x server load and cpu increase brought about by WordPress version 2.8 !

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