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  • Hi Everybody!

    I just installed WP 3.0.1. I want to make on my website with two parts:
    1) visible for all.
    2) visible page for registrated users.

    1) part I have done nicely 🙂 WP is extremly easy on that 🙂

    But the 2) part, that is the tricky one. The second part should
    consist these options:

    1) Registration (few slots to fill: name1, name2, email,contacts password etc)

    2) When user is logged-in, should be able to see one page(for this user only) with info (only admin can change info on the page). User should be able to upload PDF-s.

    3) Admin should be able:
    – see every users page and have the possibilty to add info on different users pages.
    – have possibilty to delete users.

    Can anybody help me find the rigth tool(plugin-widget) to do this and give some pointers as well? 🙂

    Im greatful for any helpful info! Best regards!

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