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  • Hello!
    Ive had my wordpress site for a while and there are a few things I would like to change
    1) for some reason I cannot delete catogories?
    2) and I cant add any more menu tabs? (is this theme related perhaps?)
    3) How do I program it so that when I have all the menu tabs I wont they can have drop down catogories – would this plugin be compatible
    4) is it possible to have the main theme on the homepage and then when you click on another tab it is a different background?
    5) I want to animate the mouse on the top picture so that it’comes alive’ and follows the cursor as you scroll down the page- I understand that my drawings would have to be coverted into vector graphics and then animated but im not sure what to do after that, is it then embedded using the customization tools? and would i be able to do different animations for different tabs as i want to make one nightime theme and have glowing flowers (not sure how to do this either)
    Any recommendations on good ways to display concept art too would be great.
    Would I have to buy my own domain from wordpress to do all of this?
    I understand that its a lot and would appreciate it so much if anyone took them time to give me a few pointers,
    thanks- Alice

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  • It looks like your site is hosted on WordPress.COM – so you’re in the wrong forums – you need to be here:

    But to answer some of your questions, you cannot use plugins on .COM sites.

    You can do CSS modifications if you purchase the upgrade that allows you to do so.

    If you want more flexibility, you could consider moving to a self-hosted WordPress.ORG site – see: (Then, these forums would be the place to ask questions :).)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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