How to display the categories of custom post types from the sub-domain sites (1 post)

  1. rajit197
    Posted 2 years ago #

    So here's what I have done.
    I've created a multi-site eg. abc.com which will display the products of it's sub-domains (network sites) .. basically each network sites/subdomain is kind of an e-commercial portal of a different shop with their own categories and products which the shop owner themeselves can log into and add/edit/remove products...
    I've created few subdomain/shops/network sites with categories and products details ...
    Now the problem is how am i supposed to display the list of categories from all the shops and search result of each category (categories can overlap) in the main sites abc.com ...
    Also, if there are 100 shops ie. 100 subdomains will the multisite be slow or crash ... or is there some other way to achieve this ..
    PS: I also want to put an option of price comparison in the main sites from all other shops ...


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