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  • For some posts, I want very short (one or two words) comments/answers, and then have them displayed just under the post in a tag cloud. Then, to link those tags to a URL (i.e. – TEXT) I want to use it as a simple survey and marketing tool. For each duplicate comment, it’s tag would increase in size accordingly. For example, the post might ask…”What is your favorite color?”. Comment responses for red=50, blue=25, green=40, etc. Red would be largest size tag font, followed by green, and then blue. Desired features:

    1. Ability to set min/max length characters of answer
    2. Ability to display as tag cloud, alphabetically, or by popularity (number of same responses). Perhaps displayed as a list. Number of tags displayed could be set by admin.
    3. Auto complete/suggest as user types, to avoid misspelling, etc.
    4. Ability to link tags to external URLs. Tag cloud URL links could be changed from post to post.
    5. Perhaps this would work best with a “short answer” field, followed by the regular comments field. The ‘short answer’ could be the field used to create the tags cloud. So the post might ask, for example, what is your favorite color? Your Answer? Blue >> Comments (maybe renamed “Explain Why”…Because it’s the color of the sky.

    Sort of a hybrid/derivative of,, and the WP Comment Remix plugin.

    Any ideas? It could make a great plugin.

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