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  • So I have been having issues trying to display my posts neatly on my website.. Instead of explaining my issues, I found a website that has exactly what I am looking for as far as the layout goes. It can be found here:

    I will be having multiple posts in each category, some of them having up to 25. This was the best way I could find, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks in advance!

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  • The site is not a WordPress site, so you will have to do a ton of work to get your blog to look like that. If you are just starting out with WordPress, I suggest you find a popular theme at and start reading the documentation on developing your own theme. HTML, CSS, and PHP are easy to learn and will help you develop your own custom theme.

    Thank you for the reply. Sadly I am really horrible when it comes to anything outside of simple HTML. I am sure I can learn it, but that would be taking me away from my already-over-loaded job of writing articles and creating content. Is there any type of simple plugin that displays posts like that? I started copying and pasting little tidbits of each post and put them in a table, and uploaded a picture to make it look like a featured image.. It looks pretty ghetto, but serves the same purpose, but then I’m am stepping in the territory of duplicating content. I basically did this..

    <table border=”1″>
    <td>Featured Image here</td>
    <td>Description of Post here</td>

    Then did that over and over for each category.. So each category has an ugly table with 20 posts it.. Blah! It’s frustrating..

    In the WordPress admin section you can limit the number of posts that display in your lists. That is the standard way to limit how many posts are displayed in each category. That setting is found under Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most.

    Plugins aren’t going to give you the overall look you want. The formatting of the posts in category pages is most commonly handled by code in WordPress themes, not plugins. With WordPress you can assign an image to be a post’s featured image. I recommend you find a theme at that displays the featured image next to the post. Good luck!

    Thanks again! Big help.
    On the last note, The posts I make under each category will be “like” pages. Right now I have everything in pages in an accordian menu.. Everything is rather simple to find at the moment, but it’s not “google friendly”.. Do you make layouts yourself? (I wouldn’t mind paying for some good work) Do you think you could take a look at my site and tell me what I may be doing wrong?

    Again, thanks in advance!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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