How to display original domain in browser instead of installation domain? (2 posts)

  1. cswp
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I looked a lot, but have not found an answer to this so far, and I can't believe this is a rare problem...

    I have a domain at a domain hoster, say http://www.myblog.com. My webspace is at another hoster, with another domain, say http://www.mywebspace.com. There, I have installed the blog that should be accessible via myblog.com.

    I changed the name server at the domain hoster of myblog.com to the mywebspace.com hoster, and all works great: if someone types myblog.com he sees the blog, and initially the browser displays myblog.com as address in the browser address bar. But when the user surfs within the blog, the browser displays the address where the user is moving to, i.e. mywebspace.com/etc. This, of course, is very undesirable.

    Is it possible (and how) to make the browser display myblog.com or myblog.com/etc instead of mywebspace.com?

  2. jonathanwachob
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm experiencing this issue as well. If anyone could PLEASE provide a response it would be greatly appreciated.

    http://www.stopthebullybook.com loads just fine. However when clicking on any link in the nav it sends me to the path where the files are stored http://www.martialarts-internetmarketing.com/stopthebully/

    This is my first wordpress site and I'd like to work around this issue.

    I checked out updating permalinks, but all I could find is updating permalink structure, not the actual domain set.

    I updated the siteurl via phpMyAdmin. I did not update the home value.

    Thank you again for any support you can provide.

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