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  • Resolved masterhealerwp


    I added the shortcode [asp_product id=”2251″] on a WordPress page.

    It displays all this information:
    – the name of the product
    – the thumbnail
    – the price
    – the Pay button.

    HOW DO I display ONLY the button?

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  • Plugin Contributor Alexander C.


    Stripe Payments -> Products, edit your product, look for “Appearance” metabox and tick “Show Button Only”, then save changes.

    In French: Stripe Payments -> Produits, “Apparence”, “Afficher uniquement le bouton”.

    Thanks a lot.
    While we are at it, I have 2 kid-of-related questions:

    I understand that I need to create a PRODUCT in Stripe Payments for each new product I want to promote. It creates a PAGE for each product:

    1/ Can you please confirm it IS a PAGE, as opposed to a POST?

    2/ Can I keep these pages in DRAFT modes if I don’t want to use them as pages and just need them to insert a payment button some other places? Will Stripe Payments and the process work fine even if the page are in DRAFT mode? Or in Private Mode too?

    3/ As of today, I am creating my own product page with WordPress only (I am talking about the design aspects of them). I have been said to use WooCommerce. Then I discovered that Stripe Payment also offers is own product pages.
    I am a bit confused to see what is the best solution and how I should use StripePayments with respect to designing my product pages.
    For example, it it flexible enough for a non-developer like me to remove the PRICE from the page (I want to reveal it only after the visitors click the button and reach a squeeze page), or to adjust/customize the design of the page: Size and location of the product image/thumbnail, colors, etc.

    Thank you

    Plugin Author mra13


    The following documentation shows how you can embed only the payment button for a product (without any other details):

    The plugin uses Custom Post Types which are created when a product is created. You don’t really have to manage or use them. Once you create a product, simply use one of the following documentation to embed that product on your landing page:

    Then the customers can purchase the product.

    Don’t try to make them draft because they may not work. Try the above and do a full checkout to test it out.

    Thanks, but my main question was: Will my Stripe Payment products pages be visible by everybody if I don’t keep them as draft?

    How to prevent people and search engines to find and see them if I ONLY USE THEM to create the product code and button that enable me to trigger the Stripe Payment box on other pages that I create.

    Plugin Contributor Alexander C.


    Make products private (without password protection) and this should do the trick.

    Plugin Contributor Alexander C.


    To answer your other questions:

    1. Yes, those are custom posts, not pages.

    2. Make them “private”, as described above.

    3. Create your own product page with any design you like and just place payment button anywhere you like. You can also attach it to any HTML ‘a’ element (e.g. a link or a button with your own design) using this guide:

    Thanks. Nice.

    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    @masterhealerwp, if your issue is resolved can you mark this thread as resolved.

    Thank you


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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