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  • Hello everyone,

    I’m new at this so please be patient 😛

    As the title said, I would like to be able to display the post I create in the page I want to.

    E.g. : When I click on new post I fill the title and the body and then on the right column I have the possibility the chose the page I want to publish my post on.
    Of course the pages are already created.

    So do you have any solution, which is not to complicated and doesn’t need coding ?


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  • Replace the word “page” with “category” in your question and you have the answer.

    Well I already tried can you be more explicit please ?

    When you create a new post you can choose what category to put the post in, not what page.

    Yes I know that but the problem with it is that all my new post will always be on the front page and I won’t be able the put them on other pages.

    Have a look at my web site :

    Let’s say that if I want to make a post that will only be displayed on the page “All Videos” , how do I make that happen ?

    Ah ok now i get it. The easiest way is to use a plug-in to hide specific categories from the frontpage, like this one:

    Okay I see that it will hide itself from the from page and others but there’s still the problem of having it displayed on the Pages I want.

    I don’t see How to do that with this plug-in ?

    Simple, you install the plug-in, write a post, let’s say a post with a video, you publish the post in the category All Videos, ,check the option where you don’t want to make the post appear, for example you don’t want it on the homepage, then check Hide on the front page, and it will not show up on the frontpage but it does show up on the category-page.

    I think I’m beginning to understand. So there is a difference between a “page” and “Category page”. Then my problem might be that what you see as “All Videos”, “New” etc.. are page and not category pages.

    How do I create category page that will appear as I did it with the pages ?

    Yep that’s it. The links in your nav-menu are links to pages, not categories. So solution: write a post, next to the text-area on the post-form there’s a box with categories. There you can select or add a category. Add a category named All Videos, publish the post. Now you will have to go to dashboard > apearence > menus and either create a new menu that you want to use for the top-navigation or edit the existing one. On the menu-page you can choose what categories and or pages and links to display in the nav-menu.

    Ok I just tried but It said that the theme I am currently using only supports one menu so I will change and keep you up to date

    MMM I tried and did it but it is impossible. I created a editor profil for you. Can you do it for me please. Do you have an email adress to which I can send you the logins info ?

    Sure no problem, here is the email. I cant do it now, have to go, but will be back in a hour or two and i’ll have a look at it. In the mean time create some categories you want to use in the nav-menu.

    ok thanks a lot

    hum I don’t think I understand How it works :/

    The email-paste was set to expire in a hour, that’s why it isn’t working anymore, i just send you a email.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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