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    TablePress admin has a nice view that shows the current list of tables with columns for Table ID, Table Name, Description, Author and Last Modified. How can we show this list in a public view on a page or post? It is very handy for users to see a summary of all tables in certain cases.

    How to do this? Custom HTML in Gutenberg? Code Snippets? Add a custom function that can be inserted via [tablepress tablelist=”yes” sortby=”date”] then we could easily display the list were we like.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble.

    TablePress does not have a feature like that built-in (basically because most users would want a different output anyways, so that customizations would be needed). Developing a custom Shortcode is what I would recommend here as well. Inside that, you could use a look similar to https://github.com/TablePress/TablePress/blob/main/classes/class-import.php#L375-L382 to retrieve the data and then process that with your desired output (as a table, list, …).


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