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  • Hi there!

    Could anyone,pretty please,tell me how can i display a “now playing” song name for a radio station website.
    What i get from the Radio automation software is a .xml file which is uploaded every 15 seconds (or so) to the server, and looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Schedule System="Jazler">
     <Event status="happening" startTime="19:41:40" eventType="song">
        <Announcement Display="Now On Air:"/>
      <Song title="Murder My Heart">
       <Artist name="MICHAEL BOLTON FEAT. LADY GAGA">
        <Jazler ID="20389"/>
        <PlayLister ID=""/>
        <Media runTime="00:03:58"/>
        <Expire Time="19:45:37"/>

    BTW,the automation software sends 2 more .xml files:
    AirPlayHistory.xml and AirPlayNext.xml
    but i would be thrilled if someone could help me to show at least the current song (artist and the song title)
    If it should refresh every minute or so that would be awesome.

    Any ideas?


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