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  • My developer has updated my WordPress to the latest and with it comes Gutenberg. I’m not a fan and I see every one of my HTML paragraphs now looks like this:

    <!-- wp:paragraph -->
    <p>Hello world!</p>
    <!-- /wp:paragraph -->

    Needless to say, the <!-- wp:paragraph --> is confusing to me, especially because I write my content in HTML and it just adds unnecessary bulk that I don’t want or need. Gutenberg places the block tags around everything, including images. I don’t want to deal with these.

    I tried using this plugin to disable Gutenberg entirely: but the Gutenberg paragraph tags remain. How can I revert my HTML content back to how it was before this awful Gutenberg update?

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  • Joy


    Only the content that was saved while using Gutenberg will have those block tags. The other content should remain untouched.
    There might be a plugin to remove HTML comments, but a quick search didn’t show it to me. Here is an online one that you can use manually:

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