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  1. fettabachi
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Is it possible to filter and display the contents of different CPTs together?

    These are the CPTs;
    • Lets say I have a "Instructor" CPT which contains an image and other data fields related to the instructor.

    • I also have a "Class" CPT which contains the days of the week and the times, if any, that a class begins.

    • I also have a "Location" CPT which describes the location, address, where to park etc.

    • I also have a "City" CPT which lists the City and State

    This is how they should be displayed;
    • Each "City" will list all "Locations"

    • Each "Location" will list all "Class"es held at that location

    • Each "Class" will list the "Instructor"

    • These should all be displayed on one page.

    This is the real test;
    Is WordPress capable of such a great feat?

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