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    In my index.php, I’d like to display only the current month’s posts, and if there are no posts in the current month, then keep going back a month until some posts are found.

    Here’s a first crack at it:

    This code goes in index.php just before the Loop starts:

    $m = date(‘m’);
    $y = date(‘Y’);
    while (!have_posts())
    $m = $m-1;
    if ($m == 0)
    $m = 12;
    $y = $y – 1;

    Any comments/suggestions welcome!

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  • I know this is an age old problem for a lot of people.. I want the same thing but for a week, and I’ve not found a solution yet.

    I’ll mention it here – but if people think I should start a new thread I will.

    I run a magazine using wordpress – I currently use 1 day to show weekly posts, because we update once a week – however I really want to be able to update a few times over the week – but still have exactly 1 week’s (in calendar terms – not 7 days where there have been posts)

    If there is no posts in a week – I want the previous week in calendar terms to show up. If it helps I post all posts into an issue subcategory (of the issue date) which also represents a week’s issue.

    current week might be tricky… not sure if query_posts takes such an argument. But with a little research and some PHP code, you could do it. I’ve got enough on my hands at the moment… sorry I cannot offer an example.

    You might want to refer to an existing support thread on this issue.

    I had looked at that thread, but it was not very clear…

    The code I posted seems to be working, however…

    I borrowed this code, and I works well, but unfortunately, the code I have to offer up the “See More” (previous month) link isn’t working.

    UPDATE: Figured it out.

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