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  • I was wondering why when using this plugin

    Its main goal is to display the categories on the front page, in multi column list..

    When a user clicks on a categorie name that is empty of posts, it goes to a page not found page..and wont go to the permalinked page required.

    But.. when a user clicks on a categorie that is not empty but that has posts, it takes to the correct permalinked page…

    Prmalinks for every other link besides the categories links, work fine for permalinks. And htaccess file is set to correct permissions.

    If i uninstall this plugin, the permalinks work perfectly all over the site.

    Except that without the plugin, I dont have my categories on the main page anymore, which is the plugins main function… Strange that when this same plugin is installed onto the root of a different hosting. Permalinks for the categories and everywhere else, work just fine. there a setting i might be able to change to fix this ? Example of…

    hide_empty (boolean) Toggles the display of categories with no posts. The default is true (hide empty categories). Valid values:
    1 (true) – default
    0 (false)

    Something like that above? Thats all i could find even close to what my issue is.

    Site is installed in a folder off the root of my hosting. It has its own domain pointing to it. Blog is not accessed by typing Just at

    I need some help …

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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