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  • I want to use balloons for displaying the number of comments that has each post. I couldn’t find any plugin for this, and I don’t know if I need to insert a code instead. Also I would like to show the balloon at the top of the posts, on the left side, and to be possible to click on it to see the comments.
    Any help is pretty welcome!

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  • a link to your site would be best so i can tell what exactly needs to be modified, but if you use firebug, inspect element, or developer tools, you can determine what the css element for the comment count is. then you can just style that using CSS. You’ll probably want to get an image of a bubble, and the, just for example, if the div class was something like .comment-count, youd put in your css something like .comment-count { background-image: url(‘path to your bubble image’); } and any other attributes, like floating it left, etc.

    Sorry jeezyo, I don’t understand, I’m starting with this. In the Stylesheet (style.css) I couldn’t find a div class like .comment-count. When I use firebug over the comment element this is what i get:

    [Code removed]

    Thanks for your help.
    The site is

    Well, sorry for that. I clicked the code button before and after the code asuming that will “codify” the text, but it didn’t.
    So I didn’t lie when I said that I have no idea.

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    You have to start the line with the code tag, however THAT much code is too much. Especially when you’re just giving us everything in

    And yes, we can see that 🙂

    My fault, Ipstenu, my fault. I’m not used to firebug either and I thought that scrolling the mouse over the word will show me JUST the part of the code of that phrase, not the whole css. Honestly. About the number of comments inside bubble, I could’t find out in wich part of the code is the comment count (doesn’t appear as “.comment-count”). again, I’m more than a rookie.
    thanks for any advice.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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