How to display author first and last name in Twenry Eleven (2 posts)

  1. databell96
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm trying to make it on posts where the author's first and last name is displayed rather than the username, which is currently the case. After doing some searching, I found content-single.php in my theme, and the following code:

    $utility_text = __( 'This entry was posted in %1$s by <a href="%6$s">%5$s</a>. Bookmark the <a href="%3$s" title="Permalink to %4$s" rel="bookmark">permalink</a>.', 'twentyeleven' );

    Seems that '%5$s' is to represent the username. Is that so? Not the traditional PHP code I expect to see. So is this correct? And if so, how do I switch it?

  2. joziv88
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi there, not sure if you figured out a response to your problem yet but I came across your post earlier when I was having a similar issue. I've just found a resolution so thought I'd track back and help you out!

    In your dashboard go to Users on the side menu. When you edit a particular user there is a field named 'Display name publicly as' - this controls what combination of the user's name is displayed on their posts meta data. You should be able to change this to suit your needs.

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