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  • I’m trying to avoid forcing my client to go through the “Send to Editor” each time they upload an image to a post — instead, I’d like to just set something up in the template that automatically pulls in all of the photos associated/uploaded to the post and shows them in full-size.

    Then I’ll control the display of the image via CSS. (They’ve been shown not to use gigantic images, etc.)

    Is this possible? I’ve been using Kaf’s Post Image plugin to pull in a single image to start the post off, but at the bottom of each post, I want to dump all of the uploaded photos, and that plugin doesn’t handle multiple images.

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  • Great idea. I would like to see this as well.

    Hmm. I’ll look at my plugin and see about allowing all image attachments to be displayed.

    How much control over the css elements would be needed here? Would it be preferred that the plugin just dump it all out in the basic img tags, or have these blocked in separate <div>s?

    I vote for separate divs. It makes it much easier to style them as centered blocks like so (scroll down).

    Kaf: +1 for separate divs as well — it might make for some extraneous code, but the styling would be so much easier. Thanks for looking into that — your original plugin was a lifesaver for this project.

    Did you get anywhere with this Kaf? Sounds sweet!

    I’ve been surfing all of the post/image threads on here and none of them seem to address the issue of multiple image attachments yet.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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