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  • Hi, My blog is hosted ( using wordpress CMS and I am currently using a ratings plugin which allows users to vote the articles.

    The problem is that the user wont be able to vote if he has javascript disabled. Now I wanted to write a php code which will allow me to do :
    1. Check if javascript is disabled (in .php page)
    2. If yes, show message “Javascript is disabled. Please enable it.”
    3. else do nothing.

    I am not familiar with PHP programming but C and C++. I also searched for about an hour and…849.0.html is the closest thing I have found. In my understanding, it tries to call a javascript function from previously included javascript file. If it doesnt find it, javascript disabled message is shown.

    I dont know how to do this. Can someone please write mini sniplet for this trivial php problem? Or is there any plugin which would show alert about the disabled javascript?

    – EnLi

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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