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    I had to deactivate and reactivate all plugins on a child site to locate and solve a problem with a different plugin. Now I have this huge Attention! message plastered on every page of my admin area and I cannot see a way to get rid of it. The site is already added to my Main WP Dashboard (has been for a year or more), is synchronized, and is updating. It’s all green in the dashboard. So how do I get rid of this message? I don’t see an X or any obvious way.

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    The warning should go away as soon as the sites are reconnected to a dashboard. The warning is there to stress that your child “thinks” it’s not connected to a Dashboard.

    The best course of action is to open a ticket with support so they can start digging into things for you.

    Mr. Mainwp,

    Put an X there, so it will go away!

    I had the exact same problem as galaxyk.


    In the end I had to delete the site from the Dashboard and add it back again – even though it was connected fine before, everything updating and green in the Dashboard.

    As surfer712 says, it would be good to have an X so the message can be deleted when it’s a mistake.

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    Having the child plugin active and not connected to a Dashboard is to much of a security risk to add a dismiss button for these edge cases. At this time we have no plans to add a dismiss button.

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