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  • I have been having issues with the Visual Editor. Anytime I enter “non standard” html tags using the HTML editor, they get deleted anytime anyone goes into the Visual editor. Additionally, there have been times that WP has put me into the Visual Editor even though I have not been using it. And of course, the result is that my “non standard” html tags get erased. I am chasing my tail here.

    I need to know if anyone is aware of a plug in that is compatible with the latest versions of WP that will disable the Visual Editor globally. I have found some plug ins for older versions or for disabling the editor on specific pages, but nothing global for current versions.

    As an alternative, is there a configuration file that can be edited to accomplish the same thing?

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  • You probably already checked this, but did you disable the Visual Editor on your Profile page?

    vtxyzzy, no. How do I do that? And is it global or a page-by-page setting? That may be exactly what I need.

    Log in, then go to Admin->Users->Your Profile and check the box for ‘Disable visual editor…’.

    That turns it off for you. Each User must be set individually.

    “Each User must be set individually.” Hmmm. I am not at work at the moment so I can not look — will this allow me to disable the visual editor for all the other users from this panel without having to log in as them?

    Thank you.

    If you are logged in as an Admin, you can edit each User from the Admin->Users->All Users panel.

    Cool. That’s what I need. Thanks.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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