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  • Just curious, I’ve been testing WP 3.6 Beta 2 for a bit and for some strange reason the Customize option keeps showing up in the menu underneath Appearence..

    I’ve been deleting this option from the very start because it has nothing to do with a CMS. I know WP wants to please all people who don’t know HTML-/CSS but getting this option activated by default out of the WP Core is just very crazy.
    I’ve also installed some of my own clean starter themes and even inside those this option keeps showing up while I have nothing to ‘Customize’

    How can I remove it?


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  • Did you have any luck with this?

    From what I can see, the Customize option is just another way of viewing some of the options under Settings > General, Settings > Reading, or Appearance > Menus. As you make changes to the settings, you can see how it would affect the look of your site. There doesn’t seem to be anything to do with CSS. So I’m not sure what the problem would be in having it.

    The WP Customiser is actually a way for developers to define their own settings so that administrators can configure their site with visual feedback.

    Whether it’s a problem or not, really isn’t the point.

    If I’m developing a custom theme using an alternative way to define settings (in my case, I use the advanced custom fields plugin), the customiser just becomes confusing and pointless for a client. Many of the sites I work on are designed by a graphic designer and are quite limited in their need for options that essentially detract from the design.

    The WP Customiser is awesome for theme developers who need to encompass loads of flexibility in their design, but for a completely custom design, it kinda gets in the way. It would be great if we could remove_theme_support() to disable it for a theme, or even define a constant in wp-config.php, although the latter would create problems for live previewing other themes.



    Any luck with a solution? I’ve been searching for the past two hours and can’t seem to find any documentation to get rid of it….outside of installed a plugin to customize the menu.

    I would also like an answer to this as I have just created a child theme from a free theme and the customisations that were done on the parent theme are not transferred over to the child theme on the live preview. I have only just taken over the site.



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    @freckleboy: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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