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  • Hey, I’m looking for an option to disable new user registration on my wordpress blog.

    I keep getting random spam registrations. I have the options for “Anyone can register” and “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” both disabled. I don’t want general public to be able to register on my site because they can already post without registering.

    I just want it to be setup so that I can add users through the admin page, but completely disable other from registering. It’s like spam and just wastes space.

    It looks like I will have to manually edit the files to disable this, but I don’t want to have to edit them if there is another way.

    Thanks in advanced.

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  • If you are getting lots of spam registrations, make sure you have the akismet plugin enabled, and also test-run this plugin before going to down manually editing the wordpress files:

    I’m using it on WP2.5.1 and have been using it since WP1.5 and it’s worked well for me.

    If it works, it saves you time now and also in the future when you go to upgrade WordPress but have to work out how to make these changes all over again.

    This looks like the gem I’ve been searching for. I’ll give it a test run and get back to you. The akismet plugin is already up and running on my site and has been since I started it. However, it blocks comments and not spam registrations. Hopefully this new plugin will block the spam registrations for me!

    Well, I got the plugin activated and everything, but the description is very unclear how it works (or it was unclear to me and at least several other people in the comments).

    So all I have to do is create the “referer.txt” file and add on a per line basis the sites that I want to block or the sites that I want to allow? I actually want to block _all_ referring sites from registering except mine of course so that I can add users from the admin panel if needed.

    Also, I don’t even know which sites are referring so I wouldn’t know which ones to block. Hopefully the list is for ones to allow though so it will make my life easier. 😛

    Well, for the time being I decided to try the following plugin:

    It has invitation codes..which will help me out. That way I can invite who I want to join and the others can just post freely without having to register. I have to wait and see if it blocks spam registrations (via the invitation codes), but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. It seems a little more developed anyway.

    Cross your fingers, haha. 😀

    It’s funny how I searched so long the other day, but now I’ve found 2 haha. I guess that’s the way things go…they’re not really named well for one thing, but I found them.

    This one also looks good and appears to do exactly what I had asked about earlier. Just posting it for others…bringing the solutions all to one spot as a good citizen of the Internet and wordpress community. 😛

    Thanks for being such a thoughtful net citizen! I’ve been searching around too, but hadn’t heard about Sabre. Now both of them have features that I’d like to use, but I guess I have to choose one over the other… Do you think they could work together? I think I’ll start with Register Plus.

    Hi kyleabaker,
    how did you implement th “post without registering” part? I’ve been looking for so long how to implement that feature/hack into wordpress.

    keko, did you find an answer?

    Hi SirYendor,

    I did find a solution, a bit cumbersome, but working nonetheless:
    It’s a plugin called TDO Mini Forms,

    I have it working on

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