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  • hello,

    Your last update has installed freemius in my dashboard. I am not happy with that, not at all.
    Could you please let me know if there’s any way to disable freemius? Or do I have to install another theme?
    Thanks for your help.

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  • @ewan-norman If you want to hide the license details, from your clients, please add the following line of code to your wp-config.php

    define( 'WP_FS__DEMO_MODE', true );



    @apprimit Thanks, this worked to hide license details,
    Still, the white label extension doesn’t hide the sidebar theme panel anymore, I suggest that you release an update to correct this issue.

    Thank you very much.

    So I have been opt’ing out.

    What does this mean for my paid licenses?

    I’m still a bit confused.


    You said:

    If you are using any of the paid add-ons, you will have to activate a license to use it and to get ongoing updates. Since Freemius is responsible for securely serving paid add-on updates for license holders, the license-related info must be validated through Freemius.

    How do we do this and get signed up? I am worried my sites are going to stop working – were my licensed sites migrated? How do I login to check?

    Amit Singh


    Login to > my account > download section and you will see all the data and site connected to it. No need to signup anywhere, just enter the license key after activating a pro plugin and it will be automatically connected with your account.



    I don’t like being advertised for something I already paid for.
    Today I got an email from a customer asking if the theme was included in the design service, then I discovered that you are advertising paid features for customers with valid licenses!
    In addition to that, we have the white label extension that should normally hide the whole sidebar theme panel, which makes sense for being a white-label provider, and we are still waiting for an update to correct this.
    Pleased keep this theme reliable and clean, we understand that switching to Freemius may have some temporary effect on the functionality, but there was some work that should’ve been done before making the changes public.


    Thread Starter cyanpaper



    A follow-up even though the topic is now burried in the back pages of the forum.

    Several days later without any reply to my question, I am assuming that it is not possible to use the paid add-ons without accepting the “tacking” (spying) done by freemius.

    Well, to each its own.
    Freemius people run their business the way they want. Oceanwp partner whoever they choose.
    And I get to decide what can be installed on my site and I don’t want freemius anywhere on my site. I won’t be using any oceanwp paid add-on and will certainly not renew the licences.

    There are other themes available. One of the best things about wordpress is freedom of choice.

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