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  • I have the social buttons appearing under the headings for multiple blog posts on a single page (home.php), and when I scroll down on the page, ALL the social button bars scrunch up/float to the top of the page (under the WordPress toolbar to boot). I know there’s a way to disable floating in the admin settings, but that doesn’t seem to apply when using the template tag/shortcode.

    Anyway I can make it static? I have this in my template currently:

        if ( function_exists( 'floating_social_bar' ) )
        floating_social_bar( array( 'twitter' => true, 'google' => true, 'linkedin' => true ) );

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  • (please backup your files before attempting my suggestions)
    (also, this solution only works if you dont want to use the ‘floating’ function of the floating social bar as it removes the floating part completely.)

    I had this same problem.

    I had to edit the code to get the results i wanted.

    i opened the following file:


    then i deleted all of the following code:

    // Declare variables.
    	    var fsb_top = $('.fsb-social-bar').offset().top;
    	    // Attach to the scroll event to determine when to load items.
                var y    = $(this).scrollTop(),
                    maxY = $('#respond, #disqus_thread, #livefyre, .fb-comments, #comment-form, .idc-new, #comment-respond, #comments, #comment, #footer, .site-footer'), // Attempt to target as many comment systems as possible.
                    nofo = false; // Flag if no div is found in the maxY var.
    			// If for some reason one of our divs does not exist or it's height is zero, use the parent div as a scroll helper and set the nofo var to true.
    			if ( $(maxY).eq(0).length === 0 || 0 === $(maxY).height() ) {
    				maxY = $('.fsb-social-bar').parent();
    				nofo = true;
                // If we should not float or the height of the maxY var is equal to zero, don't do anything.
                if ( $('.fsb-social-bar').hasClass('fsb-no-float') || 0 === $(maxY).height() )
                // Get the offset of our respond helper.
                var offset = ( true === nofo ) ? fsb_top + $(maxY).height() + 50 : $(maxY).eq(0).offset().top;
                // If we are below the bar but above comments, set a fixed position.
                if ( y > fsb_top && y < offset )
                  $('.fsb-social-bar').addClass('fsb-fixed').css('width', $('.fsb-social-bar').parent().width()).fadeIn();
                else if ( y >= offset )
                  $('.fsb-social-bar').removeClass('fsb-fixed').css('display', 'none');
                else if ( y < fsb_top )
            // Open up the social services in a popup window.
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