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    Absolutely love this theme, however I can’t seem to find a way to prevent the featured image from appearing in the top header image of my Page posts. I can see there is a setting within the theme settings to disable the featured image on Posts pages, but there does not seem to be a setting to do this on Page type. Am I correct?

    Is there a plan to add support for this? Any workaround in the mean time?


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    Hi there,

    Thanks for using Poseidon.

    Yes, there is no setting to hide the featured images of static pages, because pages are not displayed in the blog index or archive pages.

    By default, the featured image of a static page is only displayed on that page, and therefore there is no need for an extra setting because you can simply remove the featured image from the static page if you don’t want to display it.

    Another workaround is to hide the image with CSS code or override the content-page.php template with a child theme.


    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for your reply. That’s a shame to hear that there is no such feature to disable this. Let me explain my particular situation and why I need this. I have pages on my site which are to display a embedded youtube video. I’m using a plugin which creates a featured image from those videos automatically for that page. The reason I am doing this, is because on another page in the site, I am using the “content views” module to display a list of all pages with the assigned category. It displays all of these pages as a table with the page title, a button to go to that page, and a thumbnail of the featured image of that page. If I had a page with just a list of text titles of the pages, I think users wouldn’t be so enticed to click on one of the videos to watch, as they can’t imagine what the video will be about. So hence I use the featured image field.

    Therefore I can’t simply remove the featured image on these pages, otherwise there would be no thumbnail in the list view. I tried the plugin “hide featured image”. Unfortunately, it seems that plugin is not maintained, and with the latest version of wordpress, it does not work.

    So what I am hoping for is the ability, within the theme settings, to disable the featured image for pages, as it able to be done for posts. I found another plugin with only about 70 installed sites in use, which hides the featured image. that appears to work, but I”m not a fan of it, because it simply removes the header image completely. I would like to keep the default banner header displayed at the top of the page, just not to replace it with the video thumbnail.

    This theme is beautiful and fits all the other needs, unfortunately this one makes the site look a bit bad, because the video thumbnails are often in a square proportion and therefore look quite bad when displayed in the header section.

    Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. I have been a long time drupal user, and just moved 4 of my sites over to WordPress, as I was stuck on Drupal 6, and really didn’t want to do through the whole migration process. Easier just to export all data and setup new sites in WordPress. So far, really liking the platform, I’m just a novice at navigating it and knowing how to hack things up.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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