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  • I have comments closed on a post, but I’m getting comment-spammed on an image attached to the post. I can mark each comment as spam in the Comments admin panel, but I can’t disable comments to the image–even though comments are disabled on the post that the image is attached to.

    Could my image.php template (which I created myself) be missing some code? Or is this a flaw that needs to be addressed by the coders?

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  • Someone else informed me that the comment came in through xml-rpc. What happens if you delete xml-rpc.php? How come they can comment on an image where the post supposedly has comments turned off?

    Because what you’re seeing isn’t a comment, it’s a trackback. Sadly, 99% of all the trackbacks that my site has ever gotten have been spam. You can either disable trackbacks for the post, or delete the wp-trackback.php file

    tgiokdi, I neglected to mention it, but trackbacks were–and are–disabled for the post. But the comment spam still got through.

    might the spammer be registered on your blog? odd and rare, but it’s been known to happen

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