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  • i am an admin in my blog, and i have most friends under “author, contributor” i wanted to kno how to set limit for their powers. For example, they can delete my Counterize II logs too. I only want admin (me) can do that. please help. thanks 🙂

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  • There is a plugin called Role Manager that lets you set specific permission for users. Try it and see if that will help you.

    i just dl from this site,

    i wonder how to use it?

    First install it by uploading the whole folder into your plugins directory, then activate it in your plugins section on your WordPress admin. Once that’s set…

    When you click on Users, you’ll get an additional tab called “roles,” where you can specify what each user level can do (for example, you take take away the permission to publish posts from the Editor level). If you want to specify by individual user, to back to the “Users” section, then “Authors & Users,” click on “Edit” next to the person’s name. Then from their profile page, scroll down to set permission on their account.

    i saw it, but i couldn’t find the function “disable view counter II”

    they still can view and can delete the counter logs

    Ah, so it’s a plugin that you want to be accessible only to you.

    That’s a whole different story. Sorry, I wasn’t paying too much attention, it seems.

    The good and bad news is that Role Manager lets you create custom permissions, but you need to know some PHP to set it up. Usually it involves creating the custom role first through the Role Manager admin, and then adding a conditional statement (something like user_can(‘YOUR_CUSTOM_ROLE’)) to the PHP of the plugin itself. You could set it so that if the current use is not you, then the plugin doesn’t show up at all, they can’t delete logs, etc. If none of this is making sense, you may want to ask a friend who know PHP/Wordpress.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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