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  • Resolved David E. Smith


    In my environment, the new (5.3) feature to periodically confirm admin email addresses is a mis-feature, and I need to know how to disable it. Will there be a simple way to do so? I’d hope I can just do an add_filter(), as I’ve done with other core features that aren’t a fit for my environment.

    (I have other concerns about the admin email feature, like how the blog post touting this new feature disappeared a few hours after it was posted, but those are probably off-topic here.)

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  • Moderator t-p


    I have two concerns with that link.

    First, it only shows how to make the interval really long. I want to disable the feature completely, so that I don’t have to remember this in twenty years’ time. I suspect that many people using external authentication schemes will benefit from the ability to completely disable this feature. (As an interim measure, I’ll be doing an add_filter('admin_email_check_interval', (240 * MONTH_IN_SECONDS)); but I’m hoping that eventually I can just do a __return_false and be done with it forever.

    Second, this should be documented somewhere other than the source itself and a random third-party blog. I’m still curious as to why the blog post announcing it disappeared just a few hours after it was posted.

    I get that WordPress is “decisions, not options,” and I certainly understand that this feature is useful in a lot of cases. Maybe even most cases, but certainly not all. In my case, it will be actively confusing (since my users can’t change their email from inside WordPress).

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    According to the missing post, you CAN use add_filter( 'admin_email_check_interval', '__return_false' );

    I’ve asked one of the leads why that post was pulled. It’s confusing to say the least.

    Hi @desmith!

    Sorry for the confusion! When the dev note was originally published, it was missing some information and code examples. The feature was also refined during the beta period, so the release team didn’t want that information to be inaccurate.

    In order to ensure the post was 100% accurate, it was taken down until it could be a more complete reference.

    It has been expanded and is now republished, though. In the future, leaving it published with a disclaimer at the top is probably a better path to limit confusion. Hope that this helps!

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    I’m marking this resolved for sanity. It lets mods and volunteers know we don’t have to jump in and find an issue. Use the restored blog post please 🙂

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