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  • Hello. I want to have links as hyperlinks in posts. Usually, when a link is pasted into the post it doesn’t appear as a hyperlink but as text.

    If I want to make hyperlink, then I have to click on the link button and then paste the link into the box and then click insert. This is unusually tedious.

    Is there any way that can make the url a hyperlink directly?

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  • anyone?

    Moderator t-p


    while creating/editing post in the visual editor (in the Admin), you can use the “insert/edit link” button.

    This is not a link!

    This is now a link!

    This is how I wrote it:

    This is not a link!
    <a href="">This is now a link!</a>

    In your admin panel when making pages, don’t use the Visual tab, get used the to the HTML tab so you learn some coding. Eventually you’re going to need to understand it to make a good website.

    Here is a good link on html links:

    Thanks to both t-p and mlopezart. I understand hyperlinking by html code. But the question is in gmail if you put a link like

    it will automatically take that as a URL and make it clickable like My question – is there any way to get a clickable link by just pasting the link itself?

    Any addon? Any tweak?


    The first “” I pasted between the CODE tag and not clicked the LINK button here for that. The forum has automatically converted that URL as clickable!!! See yourself!

    I am taking about the same thing. Using html tag or using insert button will make a hyperlink in wordpress. But how here the forum system itself converted the non coded link as a clickable hyperlink automatically?

    Can this be achieved in wordpress too?

    Any wise guy?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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