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  • I would like to build a mobile version of my WordPress site. To avoid the problems and costs with developing for native platforms, I’d like to go for an HTML/CSS/jQuery approach that would be accessible from the Webkit browsers. The main site is already developed in WordPress, and content can be directly taken from the CMS.

    I’d like the mobile version to be available from a specific URL such as or

    How can I set this new URL to point to this version of the site? And how will this new URL change as I browse through the mobile site? And how can I load this URL by default when a user accesses the site from a mobile device?

    Am I right to think that I can then develop this as I would make a normal theme for WordPress, with no other worry about this being meant for mobile devices rather than desktop?

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  • There are plugins out there that will detect which browser a viewer is coming from and switch themes for you.I’ve used both of these with success.

    WordPress Mobile Pack


    Thanks going for WPTouch

    Hey drtanz, not sure how far you’ve gotten but I think I’m going to use MobilePosty Mobile Site Generator on my new build. It helps handle which pages and what content is available for mobile browsers. Other plugins you have to make your own page templates to control this. I’m surprised how nice this plugin is since it is only a fraction as popular as the other 2 I posted.

    Looks great, I think WPTouch can do all that this one does and more though, so I’ll be sticking with it for this project. Definitely a new plugin to watch out for though, thanks!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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