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    Before I upgrade, I need to know what version of wordpress I am currently at so that I can do a diff of the codebase with archives to see which files I had changed.

    How can I determine what version of my codebase is? I didn’t see any version.php and config.php doesn’t tell me much. I even browse the database.

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  • Generally, you’ll see the version listed on the bottom of every admin page.

    That is generally true only if my wordpress is up-to-date. If my wordpress is in need of an upgrade, it says “Upgrade to 2.6” and does not show the current outdated version. Maybe the wordpress developers should change that and always show the current version in addition to new version availability.

    Upgrade message is TOP of every page.

    Current running version is listed at the BOTTOM of every page.

    If you’re seeing the Upgrade message the odds are strong that you’re at 2.5 or above.

    Artcoding, that’s irritating, but true. Then just look at the site itself, view the source and look for “generator”.

    Handy, I’ve checked and there’s no way to see the current version, everywhere it says to get 2.6, at the top, at the bottom. (I have yet to upgrade, I plan to do that tonight).

    Okay, found it. Version info is in wp-includes/version.php

    I’ll be darned.

    Yup, I was wrong. Just checked one of my own non-updated blogs.

    As Gangleri notes, view source on your blog will work if your current theme hasn’t commented out the bit to show the version (assuming you’re not running one of the several security plugins that feel that should be hidden or obfuscated, of course).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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