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  • Zentode


    Well I gave up on these two after several hours of attempts.

    I am trying to return true if the post being displayed is in a specific category and only that category.

    Also create a “dynamic” link to the latest post if it is in a specific category and only that category.

    Basically, I have navigation graphics on my site.
    Two of the graphics are (temporarily) hard coded links in the header template file that each link to their specific post.

    1- I would like a link to go to the latest post in a specific category.(Must be only one category assigned to it and cat must exist)

    I know there is a way to click on a category and get/view the latest post in that category.

      Thing is, I want some sterilization/filters so:

    • If the post belongs to more than one category, it (result) is not included.
    • Must be assigned to the one specific category only!
    • Would like the link only to appear if there is a post in that category!

    2- I desire to change the links style when they are are clicked on (active). Hence, how do I detect if the post is being viewed is an a specific category and only that category.

    I tried several things including using post in pages but, I want all the features and control of a post like selecting how may per page and all the other core functs…

    No plugins but, all in the template and/or template functions.
    (And world peace)

    I was attempting:

    <?php query_posts('category_name=Wordpress&post_status=publish,future');?>
    <?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();

    So: (if viewing a post in category WordPress (and only that category))

    <li class=”<?php $activestyle ?>”>WordPress

    I realize I need some elses for sterilization but aaahhh! Help!

    I came close a couple times but, ultimately failed. I know this will be useful to others when I get it all nailed down. With everyones help here…

    Thanks in advance..

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  • Zentode


    Well, my downfall, well one of many, is not being familiar with the wp codex.

    I made a function that allows me to display specific things and assign vars based on the a single category and only that category, It is really crude but, I am grabbing at straws now and getting frustrated.

    function pet_my_cats() {
    foreach((get_the_category()) as $category) {
    if ($category->cat_ID == "" || $category->cat_name == "") {
    elseif ($category->cat_ID == "1"){
    elseif ($category->cat_name == "Plans" || $category->category_nicename == "plans") {
    elseif ($category->cat_name == "Newsletter" || $category->category_nicename == "newsletter") {
    if ($it == "0" ||  $it == "86") {
    $thisis = "error";
    $response =  "Error, no category selected!<br />";
    if ($it == "2") {
    $thisis = "plans";
    $response =  "Plans <br />";
    if ($it == "3") {
    $thisis = "newsletter";
    $response =  "Newsletter <br />";
    if ($it == "4") {
    $thisis = "default";
    $response =  "Default <br />";
    if ($it >= "5" &&  $it < "86") {
    $thisis = "multiple";
    $response =  "Please choose only one category! <br />";
    if ($it > "86" ||  $it == "0" || !$it) {
    $thisis = "error";
    $response = "There was an error!<br />";

    It allows me to set specific templates based on the category.

    It works in my page template either as a standalone or calling the function but, does not work in the header template. Perhaps I am outside of the “loop”? I was also trying to use the above to create switches for creating the two nav links that will link to the latest post in that cat.

    I really know there is an easy solution, the wp codex is confusing me more.



    Sorry all,

    Looks like keeping the functions in the post template files and out of the header was the solution. (and deleting the above code!)

    I always seem to make things too complicated.



    This solved almost all my issues.

    I was able to set variables, pass them to other scripts and use them in remotely hosted files too pulled in via curl. I used is_category to detect which was being viewed and set it in wp_cache. (After testing if empty and some other items specific to my application.)

    My index.php file then determines which template file to use.
    VERY basically:

    <?php if (is_archive() || is_single()) {
    if (wp_cache_get('category') == "Newsletter") {
    include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/newsletter.php');
    if (wp_cache_get('category') == "Plans") {
    include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/plans.php');

    I have achieved so much with just a couple lines of code. I am learning. Hopefully, I will be able to help someone figure out their coding query here someday!

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