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  • Hi,

    I am building a site for a customer but I don’t want her to be able to see the website while I’m designing it, like ‘standing over my shoulder’ so to speak while I’m working on the site. She already has a host and WordPress installed so she obviously has the login info. Is there any way I can build the site without her being able to watch my every move?

    I am fairly new to WordPress so please keep that in mind and am scared of the migrating process, I’ve tried it once before and something DID go wrong and it was a real nightmare to get everything to work properly again so I’m trying to avoid that way of doing it. I have a different host than she does so I don’t want to build it on my account and then have to migrate to a different host, just sounds scary and too many things can go wrong.

    What would be the EASIEST, safest and LEAST confusing way to go about this?

    Thanks so much


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  • If you want to lock the whole thing down so that nobody can see it without a password, you can use the Members plugin by Justin Tadlock with the Private Site option. This won’t prevent her from logging into the WP backend though. If you really want to work separately from that domain which she has access to, then you’ll need to do it in another WP instance and migrate.

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