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    I am need of some advice on how best to design and layout a static website in WP.

    I chose MAG BASIC as my theme because of the columns in the db window.

    PAGES means something different in WP than in my other blog software. Is that the way to go?

    I think I need a site wide menu with each year as a category. ANd then the categories of each year pull down. But should those be sub categories or articles?

    Should each year sub category (music) be an artile? Or should it be a sub category and I break up the content into articles?

    Or what?

    The reasons for moving a static html site to wordpress are:
    Blog software should help SEO matters
    It will allow comments (new content) which may keep search bots interested.
    I need to learn WP before I try and move my blog from Serendipity to WP.
    I need to be cool!


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  • Your link doesn’t work for me.

    WP comes ready to access posts by month and year etc, via archives. If you activate the Archives widget, you’ll see that.

    Menus are more normally arranged around topics, some of which will be blog-type pages (lists of posts) and others will be static pages. I have some basic configuration info on my site.

    Blog-type pages are usually ‘category lists’. When you allocate posts to a category, the category appears on the Appearance –> Menus page as being available for putting on the menu. Urbanwords is an example of a site that does this.





    I think one has to visit the page to get the gist of what I am asking.
    The entire site is STATIC.

    Is it worth the trouble to move into WP? WIll SEO automation, and comment availability and a redesign help increase traffic?
    Can you add comments and social links to pages?

    Should my categories – like MUSIC – be pages or sub categories or articles?

    I just am not sure where to start with this.


    Nope. Still doesn’t load, but I worked it out.

    WordPress ‘pages’ are the equivalent of static content, although creating all that static content would be a bit of a drag, if that’s what you want to do.

    But yes, you can add comments to pages and other social things like twitter, digg, facebook and so on. In fact the ability to comment is the default.

    If it were me and I were going to use a CMS, I’d take a look at redesigning the site for the medium, rather than trying to just transfer it as-is. But your main menu looks right for your site. I’d look at grouping articles under those headings (the 1950s, the 1960s and so on). If you do that, an article is a post and your menu items would be links to category lists where the (teasers for) the articles would appear with links to the full article.

    Splitting the site into category lists and articles (posts) would increase the number of opportunities for your users to comment and interact in other ways, and this might have a positive effect on your site’s popularity.

    All just my opinions of course, and worth what you paid for them 🙂



    Oh no… 🙂
    I spelled my own domain wrong.

    Thanx for the help! I have kept the 50s, 60s, 70s as separate domains. So I can help PR by having some outside links to each other. 🙂

    As “teaser” I would guess you mean a short blurb with a graphic or thumbnail and a MORE at the bottom?

    If I understand you, you think I use it as a blog no matter its static nature, and it best that I have the header with a horz menu of the 10 years with drop down of the 8 categories and then for each category a cluster of articles using the content. As the example I link to MUSIC 1960, that would be articles as MUSIC NEWS, Grammies, Albums, top 40. Some use MORE and some are small enough to use all of? By using MAG theme I can stagger them around which would help the look.

    Thanx again PAE!

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