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  • I used a role editor recently and needed to delete a role. After deleting it I noticed that it began to appear as blank in the edit user role drop-down. After a bit of investigating and deleting entries from the database. I renabled more_fields and the blank boxes reappeared. I then did a db search and found multiple entries in wp_options more_fields as a:12:{i:0;s:13:"administrator";i:1;s:6:"editor";i:2;s:6:"author";i:3;s:11:"contributor";i:4;s:10:"subscriber";i:5;s:11:"distributor";i:6;s:10:"integrator";i:7;s:5:"sales";i:8;s:7:"support";i:9;s:7:"revisor";i:10;s:7:"premier";i:11;s:9:"marketing";}

    I’ve tried adjusting it back to wps default roles, something like a:5:{i:0;s:13:"administrator";i:1;s:6:"editor";i:2;s:6:"author";i:3;s:11:"contributor";i:4;s:10:"subscriber";} and it causes the site to 404. I simply haven’t been able to resolve this issue

    I’ve added the database details to pastebin

    And also posted the problem on stackexchange

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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